The best in town

Britannia Hotel and "The Palm Garden" hotel restaurant are key elements in Trondheims common identity. The fashionable hotel opened in 1870, and has through the years accommodated royalty, emporors, polar explorers and famous pop-artists. Britannia hotel has allso been known as the “best hotel in town”, but in 2016 the old city icon was ready for a complete make-over.

In april of 2019 Britannia was re-opened after a comprehensive billion NOK rehabilitaion. The hotel, with its 257 rooms and suites, is know characterized by extensive use of Carrera marble, state of the art technical solutions and fresh, temperate air supplied by the new air handeling units from Systemair.

In total 16 DVcompact units with rotary heat exchangers and cooling coils delivers over 190 000 m3/h of fresh air to the hotel, ensuring a good indoor climate for both guests and staff. The hotel kitchen has its own DVCompact-unit with crossflow heat exchanger and a capasity of over 30 000 m3/h.

  • Type: Hotel
  • Location: Trondheim, Norway
  • Size: 22 000 m2
  • AHU capasity: 220 000 m3/h

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