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Tunnel Drilling Ventilation

Ventilation during tunnel construction is needed so to provide the external air required to dilute the pollutants produced by the machines used during the different stages of the manufacturing. The working squads a safe environment.

Our wide product range ensures you the most suitable solution for ventilation in the construction phase of the tunnel. We can size the systems in accordance with the enforced laws. The product range consists of axial fans single or multi staging to achieve the required system pressure for any tunnel length. High-tensile ventilation ducts, efficient inverters and reliable dedusters complement our system. 


Axial Fans

• Single stage (AXC) and multi stage (AXG) for higher pressures
• Diameter from 600 up to 2.400 mm
• Air volume up to 80 m³/s
• Unidirectional or reversible
• Tested according to EN 12101-3
• Explosion-proof (ATEX) versions
• Performance in accordance with ISO 5801 and AMCA 210


Flexible duct

• Type G&G in high tenacity polyester fabric, coated in PVC
• Diameters from 300 to 2.500 mm
• Mass per unit area from 600 to 850 g/m²
• Suitable for pressure up to 10000 Pa
• Available also in antistatic version (AA)
• Easy installation with special hooks and pipe joints
• Low pressure loss and air leakage



• Dedusting units specially designed for underground applications
• Structure and built up in modules so to allow maximum flexibility
• Air volumes from 2 to 30 m³/s, larger volumes on request depending on the available space in the tunnel
• Efficiency up to 99.9% for particles sizes between 0.2 and 2 microns
• Suitable for a dust concentration up to 2.500 mg/m³
• Dedusters can be installed on Tunnel Boring Machine or at tunnel face near the Road Header Machine
• Explosion-proof (ATEX) versions on request



• Frequency converters (V100) designed for fan applications with a square torque output
• In accordance with IEC/EN61000-3-12
• The application in severe environment like tunnels is achieved via paint electronic boards
• Power range from 35 to 160 kW
• Protection up to IP54
• On board friendly key display with latest communication protocols (Modbus, Ethernet, BACnet, MSTP/IP, etc.)
• Advanced features as double PID, multi fans control, critical frequencies, etc.
• Control features with IEC61131-3