High efficiency air handling units for

The new fulfillment center for has recently been completed at the Haven Acht business park in Waalwijk. Sustainability and energy efficiency have been taken into account during the design and construction, in accordance with the BREEAM-NL outstanding certification criteria. Energy-saving installations for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting will be installed in the building, including a heat and cold storage system, various windmills, LED lighting and high-efficiency air handling units with heat recovery, with a total capacity of 400 000 m3/h.

Systemair B.V. in collaboration with the client Van Delft Installatie BV from Nieuwkuijk delivered a total of eighteen air handling units, ten of them being HHFlex units with heaters and five recirculation units. The first contact for this assignment was made in 2016. Two weeks later, the first application was submitted to Systemair.

In accordance with the requirements of the specifications, the air handling units have been delivered with 85% high efficiency heat recovery, energy-efficient fans with IE4 motors, low box speeds, high media temperatures for cooling and low medium temperatures for heating, resulting in units that pass the ErP 2018 demands with an A-Energy-label. All units, varying from 8 000 to 40 000 m3/h, are equipped with a built-in control box and have been tested at our factory in Waalwijk. For this project, the fans are controlled on the basis of constant duct pressure. The temperature is regulated at inlet temperature and there is a possibility for free cooling during the night. The control system manages all the safety devices of the unit.

Messages such as filter contamination, battery freeze risk, and increasing pressure loss of the heat recovery give off a service- or fault alarm. The user has access to the list of active alarms and a detailed history of all incidents. The units are included in the building management system through Modbus communication. The control constantly monitors all operating parameters, and intelligently adjusts the operation of the various components for optimum energy efficiency. Thanks to this, we meet all the wishes of

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