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X-LPS-L-500-500 2x60°Perf.Di
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Systemair supply air duct LPS is a supply air system for constant or variable flow. LPS for free hanging is suitable for both isothermal air and comfort cooling. LPSW is adapted for mounting in ceilings. 

LPS and LPSW is a supply air system for non-slip air supply in different types of premises, such as stores, schools, offices and industries. The construction provides even air distribution across the entire exhaust area. LPSW is used for aesthetic and hygienic reasons to integrate the supply air with the ceiling. 

LPS is made of galvanized steel sheet and powder coated white (RAL9010-80). 

LPS is delivered in size 200-500 mm in length 500/1000 mm diffusion pattern enl. chart. 

LPSW is equipped with a ceiling profile for ceiling mounting. 

LPSW is delivered in size 200 -315 mm length 500/1000 mm diffusion pattern 180 ° downwards. 

LPS and LPSW are long-sleeved with smooth surface for a stylish and hygienic design. 

LPS is cut to the desired length and fixed with white pop rivets. Mounting wiper LPS-M is used for suspension and is best fitted over nipple at two meter intervals. LPS and LPSW are supplied with fitted nipples. Suspended suspension pendants are supplied with each tonnel (LPSW).


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