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ODEN is a plenum box intended for both air supply and air extract. It can be used along with the NOVA series grilles for the supply air flow velocity reduction and a better distribution (optimizing) of the air flow through the grille. ODEN has an adjustable depth of the grille extension.
The adjustment of the requested air flow is done by a closing perforated damper with plastic tubes for pressure loss measuring (ZEUS damper).
It is possible to adjust the damper manually without demounting the grille or the plenum box.



The ODEN plenum box is manufactured from a galvanized steel sheet with a front, lateral or upper side round fixing with a rubber sealing. Acoustically insulated with Aifelt material 14mm thick on 2 largest walls inside.
The damper and measuring units are removable. The K factor for adjustment is indicated on the damper itself and also in the guide to adjustment entitled "K factors".


The Zeus Damper

The control Zeus damper contains impulse tubes for measuring differential pressure using a portable measuring device. It can be adjusted manually using a cable gearing.


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