Systemair Germany breaks new ground: Factory acceptance tests are now also possible online

Systemair Germany takes decisive measures to remain capable of supporting our customers in the best possible manner, and to continue providing the service they are accustomed to. One of them is the implementation of online factory acceptance tests.

Live inspection of the fan by the customer.

Live inspection of the fan by the customer.

Execution of the thrust measurement in the test laboratory of Systemair GmbH in Boxberg.

Execution of the thrust measurement in the test laboratory of Systemair GmbH in Boxberg.

Background of an online factory acceptance test

Instead of an on-site appointment at the Systemair Germany headquarters in Boxberg, factory acceptance tests are now also carried out online with the agreement of the customer.

The workflow remains the same: After general information about the test procedure and the inspection of the fan, the measurements are carried out in accordance to the DIN/ISO/AMCA standards. The customers can follow the test live via a video conference. Based on this, as in the on-site meeting, the results are presented by the manufacturer and discussed together with the participants. The acceptance takes place, as usual, by mutual signature of all participants.

Customers can observe all the detailed steps of the online factory acceptance test from the comfort of their own workstations and look over the test engineer's shoulder in real time. Time and costs for long journeys are thus eliminated.

Precision is in demand

Systemair Germany pays close attention to an optimal camera operation and permanent live transmission of the measurement results during online factory acceptance test. Five cameras are used to provide an overall view of the test laboratory, a detailed view of each measurement and mobile support through the individual test and calibration steps.

Arthur Palmer, Tunnel & Metro Ventilation Engineer at Systemair Germany, states:

“It is our responsibility to be by your side, even in challenging times like these. With the possibility of carrying out factory acceptance tests online, we can handle the current situation in the best possible way and continue to satisfy our customers,"

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