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X-Topvex TX/C04 EL-R
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• Space saving top connection

• High efficient counter-flow heat exchanger
-  > 80% dry efficiency (EN 308) at nominal airflow
-   No mixing of extract and supply air
-  Automatic summer operating
-  Cool recovering

• Low energy use
-  Energy efficient plug fans with EC motors
-  100% By-pass of heat exchanger secures lowest possible internal pressure drop during the warm season.
-  A damper closing off the exchanger during the warm period ensures that there is no undesirable heat recovering.

• Integrated/pre-programmed control system
- Efficient energy saving functions
-  Built in week program with a year-based holiday schedule

• Constant airflow- or duct pressure- control (accessories)

• Large inspection doors for easy maintenance

• Easy access, electrical box facilitates commissioning and service

• Manufactured in Aluzinc plated sheet metal (AZ185)
-  Corrosive class C4 (Industrial and coastal areas with moderate salinity)
-  AZ185 sheet metal has more than 50 years of technical lifetime

• Factory tested

Topvex TX/C is a series of efficient ventilation units designed for apartment houses, offices, shops, schools, daycares centre or similar premises. Units with Counter-flow exchangers are many times used in applications where it is a demand to separate supply air from exhaust air and where high heat recovery efficiency is required. Topvex TX/C is, with its low energy use and high efficient energy recovering, designed to fulfill coming future energy requirements.

The units casing is made up from double-skinned aluzinc sheet metal, AZ 185, with internal mineral sound/thermal insulation. Top-connection of the air ducts saves floor space.

The separate electrical box with all cable connections collected at one place facilitates commissioning and service.

The built-in and pre-configured control system simplifies the installation and commissioning of the unit.
Topvex TX/C has a user friendly control system. With clear text (21 languages eligible) and a logical menu structure it is quick to learn. A startup wizard secures that necessary settings will not be forgotten. With the integrated control system it is possible to supervise/control the fan speed, air temperatures and weekly operating time. Topvex TX/C has also other energy saving functions like free cooling, cool recovering, and season related temperatures and fan controlling. CAV or VAV airflow control is available as accessories.

Topvex TX/C is as standard equipped with the following communication possibilities: Built-in web, Cloud, Modbus, BACnet and Exoline.

E tool configuration tool.
E tool© is a PC-based configuration software with graphical user interface. The program gives you an excellent overview of the Corrigo E settings. Using E tool© , all settings can be made on the computer and downloaded into the controller. An infinite number of configurations can be stored in the computer memory for later use. E tool© can be downloaded free of charge from:

The functions and functionality in Topvex TX/C, and the wide range of accessories, gives you all that are needed to create an indoor environment with the highest comfort and to the lowest operating costs. Save the global environment by using Topvex TX/C.

Ordering code.

- Model: TX/C03, TX/C04 and TX/C06.

- Heating coil:                                
EL (Electric).
                                                             HWL (Hot water coil-low power). 
                                                             HWH (Hot water coil-high power).
                                                             None (No heater).

- Right or Left model:                        R (Right), L (Left). The side where the supply air is located when viewed from the access side.

- Airflow control (accessories):            CAV (Constant air volume).
                                                                               VAV (Variable air volume = constant duct pressure control).


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