AJDJet Diffusers

Long throw nozzle diffuser for effective spot heating / cooling in large rooms

  • Spot Cooling 

  • Decorative Finish 

  • Low Noise Level 

  • Directional

Precision Air Jets

The AJD nozzle releases a long air jet to a length of over 30 metres with exceptional precision. 

Low Noise Level

The AJD nozzle has a low noise level when operating, enabling it to be installed where inconspicuous use is required.

Exceptional Design

The AJD nozzle has an excellent aesthetic design with a standard colour signal in white. It is appropriate for use in rooms requiring a decorative look.

Available in different sizes, the AJD is a long throw nozzle diffuser with a circular duct connection. It releases a long air jet with exceptional precision to a length of over 30 metres. The unit can provide effective spot heating / cooling in large rooms. The AJD nozzle has been designed with aesthetic considerations in mind and for use in rooms that require a decorative look. It’s frequently installed in large vestibules, entertainment areas, airport halls, department stores and hotels.  The configuration allows the nozzle to swivel in all directions up to a maximum of ± 30° in the horizontal or vertical direction. 

The AJD long throw nozzles are manufactured from aluminium, with a standard powder paint finish. The AJD is available in the following diameter: Ø 100, Ø 125, Ø 160, Ø 200, Ø 250, Ø 315, Ø 400.