KD Circular Duct Fans

Compact and powerful inline fan

  • Low profile

  • High performance

  • Indoor and outdoor installation

  • Robust and reliable


The KD EC fans are intended to use for supply or exhaust air, designed to be installed in any position. This ensures that the fans can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.


The KD EC series have external rotor motors with a mixed-flow impeller which reduces the dimensions of the fans and have a high performance in relation to their compact design.


The galvanized steel casing of KD EC fans permits outdoor and indoor use. The construction of motor ensures to minimize the need for maintenance of the fans and allows long reliable operation.


KD EC fans can be selected together with a wide range of accessories as fast clamps, filters, dampers, etc.


Casing made of galvanized metal sheet. Casing supplied with preinstalled brackets to make installation easier.

Fans are equipped with an external terminal box with protection class IP55.


KD EC fans have mixed-flow impeller. These are made of aluminium, coated in black, dynamically balanced and paired with corresponding external rotor motors.


KD EC fans are equipped with energy-saving, highly efficient EC external rotor motors supported by long-life ball bearings.

Motor protection

KD EC fans have integrated thermal contacts with leads to external motor protection device.

Speed Control

The KD EC fan motor's speed is controlled via a 0-10Vdc signal. The motor provides a +10V reference that can be used by a remotely-mounted potentiometer. The motor can also be controlled by an externally-provided 0-10Vdc signal that can come from any device or a Building Management System (BMS).


KD EC fans can be installed in any position indoor and outdoor. Use our fast clamps to easily connect to duct work and to prevent vibration.