Geniox Skyline

Geniox+ is the easiest solution in providing fresh air to any VRF systemGeniox+Air Handling Units

Geniox is a fully customizable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.

  • Geniox+ units can handle airflows from 2,700 to 27,000 CFM

  • All-inclusive AHU and VRF integration at our Geniox factory

  • Multiple damper and air path configurations

Geniox+, Air Handling Units

Integrated VRF module

VRF installed at our factory with job specific AHU controls that simplifies AHU and VRF integration.

Factory coordination

When the factory installs your VRF components within the Geniox+, you save time, you save on contractor headaches, and you save on back and forth coordination, ensuring a seamless project management process.

Custom in-house controls integration

Easy, integrated, optimized communication between Geniox+ and VRF system, ensuring less time on-site integrating AHU software and VRF software. The controls package comes delivered and working together.

High performance casing design

Thermal break design and double walled foam injected panel design ensures minimal energy transfer and greater VRF energy efficiency, which translates to greater savings.

More filtration options for better IAQ

Compact bag filters, Merv9-Merv14 and Panel Filters, Merv8-Merv13, ensures a long reliable operation.

High efficiency unit

High efficiency air handler components coupled with the energy savings of a VRF system = more savings and an efficient overall building system.

Open view of Geniox+


  • Thermal break casing design

  • Double wall panel

  • Minimized air leakage rate with complex gasket design


Elimination of thermal bridges due to separation between inner skin and outer skin with a plastic gasket on the edges and removing metal-to-metal contact.


  • High corrosion resistance

  • Galvanized G90 steel profiles

  • External powder coated, galvanized steel profiles

  • Internal aluzinc


  • Compact bag filters, Merv9-Merv14, ensure a low initial differential pressure.

  • Panel Filters, Merv8-Merv13, are also available.

  • Deltri+ filters

Energy recovery (optional)

High quality and energy efficient Wheel (Sensible, 3A Enthalpy) exchangers are available.


Variable-speed EC motors, or AC motors with optional factory VFD ensures your selection of the most energy efficient system.

VRF DX primary coil

Primary cooling coil installed within the unit by Systemair.

VRF Electronic Expansion Valve installed in the air handler

EEV kits piped and installed within the air handler to control the flow of refrigerant entering the coil.

VRF Communication Modules installed at our factory

Ensure proper communication between AHU and VRF system – wired and installed safely within the air handling unit cabinet to the Geniox controller.

Factory piping for full VRF refrigerant integration

Remove the complexity of piping in the field. Piping is brazed and soldered with care and craftsmanship to ensure no leaks and perfect refrigerant flow. This provides easy connection between Geniox+ and outdoor condensing units.

Factory wiring to control module

Geniox controls experts carefully wire the VRF kit (EEV & Communication box) to the AHU Control panel for seamless operation and reduced work load in the field.

Base Frame with Factory Supplied Roof Curb

The new base frame combined with the roof curb also ensures protection from water ingress into the building through the roof.

VRF Communication Modules installed at our factory

Ensure proper communication between AHU and VRF system – wired and installed safely within the air handling unit cabinet to the Geniox+ controller


The easiest solution in providing fresh air to any VRF system

Design Stage BenefitsEngineerContractorOwner
Factory Technicians optimize location of LEV kit panel for clearance.
Coils are pre-approved from factory for sizing and fit.
The option to deliver with or without controls is a bonus against many OEMs integrating various VRF brands.
Field installation access is never large enough with a fully assembled unit.
Flexible to hide the condensing unit with a parapet and reduce outdoor sound levels.
Building owner has less mechanical equipment to maintain for service repairs.
Building owner has less mechanical equipment in operation, saving energy expense.
Ability to incorporate other components, such as Energy Recovery, into one unit.
More cohesive operation with one unit serving many functions vs. multiple units to achieve the same result.
Saves precious floor area in mechanical rooms by combining many functions into one unit.
Ability to pair Geniox+ with all leading brands of VRF/V.
Installation Stage BenefitsEngineerContractorOwner
Installation of VRF kits in the field are difficult.
Avoid installation of the coil on site, saving labor and reducing number of installation techs to set into place.
Factory installed sensors removes the need for the installing contractor to field install.
Less future field issues compared to site installation i.e. coil leaks, sensor malfunction or improper readings.
VRF kit is installed unit mounted vs. remote location (COMM Box), saves time and effort for additional wiring.
Factory installed wiring removes the need for installing contractor to wire sensors to the VRF kit.
The VRF kit and E-TXV are challenging to field install and avoids soldering/brazing inside the unit. Only external connections are required.
Avoids a days' worth of refrigeration contractors labor per unit.
Multiple VRF kits adds more time for larger systems.
Factory electrical wiring saves valuable field wiring time.
The control box is a bonus for centralized wiring station for the condensing unit connections.
As close to “packaged” AC unit but with higher efficiency of variable refrigerant system.