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Decentralized Air in ClassroomsChangeair Air Handling Units

Unmatched Sound Performance

With available Sound Power Data from an accredited reverberant Laboratory, NC 35 classrooms are a reality. With many available options, the Sophomore meets and exceeds all specifications.

Energy Efficient

Changeair series vertical unit ventilators can be equipped with occupancy sensors and/or carbon dioxide sensors to further increase energy-efficiency.


With a plethora of road-tested designs, an almost fully configurable cabinet, and internal options, our units can fit any classroom design. Find the right unit for your build.

Sophomore, The Sound Choice for Classroom IAQ and Whisper Quiet HVAC Unit
Air Handling Units · The Sound Choice for Classroom IAQ and Whisper Quiet HVAC Unit

Our Sophomore series is the Systemair line of self-contained packaged classroom units, whether you are looking for an air-source heat pump or simply a packaged AC in the classroom the Sophomore series has you covered for heating, ventilation, cooling, energy recovery, and so much more.

The Changeair Sophomore decentralized self-contained units are available with sound power data from an accredited AMCA reverberant laboratory, NC35 units with a compressor in the classroom are a reality!

Our air-source heat pump or packaged AC models can be configured with electric heating elements (coils), hydronic hot water, steam or high-efficiency gas.

Air Handling Units

The Freshman series classroom units are flexible non-packaged units (no compressor) that allow for greater design options and cabinet choices, and that’s just the beginning.

Using a hat trick of sound guidelines and standards to give teachers and students the absolute quietest units in North America.

Our Intelligently Quiet (IQ) design is backed by:

  • AMCA Standard 300-08 – Our sound laboratory is an AMCA-accredited reverberant room. Reverberant room method for sound testing in accordance with AMCA Standard.

  •  ANSI/ASA S12.60 – Sound guidelines and requirements for schools – designing a classroom with reliable data

  • AHRI 260 – tested in accordance with AHRI 260 – sound rating of ducted air moving in conditioned equipment

Our Freshman IQ units are the only classroom unit that bears the AMCA label for sound, and adhere to the above three standards and guidelines which means you get the quietest unit ventilator for your classroom needs.

Woman looking a laptop screen. Screen has CLASS 2.0 open

CLASS 2.0 has arrived

CLASS 2.0 is more powerful and easy to use.