Custom ventilation solutions for a world-class toy factory

Systemair solutions safeguard the indoor climate of Lego’s factory year-round amidst Mexico’s extreme temperature fluctuations

Lego Factory, Mexico

Systemair manufactured customised ventilation solutions for the factory of Lego, one of the world’s largest toy companies, in Mexico. The solutions were tailored to meet the factory’s requirement of ensuring a reliable and comfortable indoor climate that can accommodate extreme ambient temperatures and comply with strict SFP levels.

Lego pieces are produced in the factory per minute
extreme temperature ranges in Monterrey, Mexico
100,000 m²
Factory area space

Innovative solutions to complex challenges

Manufactured and combined AHUs to meet high flow rates and large floor area

Compliant with client’s global requirements

Systemair solutions were designed for superior humidity and temperature control and align with energy performance requirements, particularly SFP values

Personalised support through local offices

The local office in Mexico worked closely with the client to design, deliver and install AHUs and fire dampers in keeping with SOP requirements.






Lego Mexico


Grupo Garza Ponce

How it began

Lego A/S is a Danish toy production company based in Billund, Denmark. It manufactures Lego-brand toys, mainly consisting of interlocking plastic bricks. In 2012, it was reported that The Lego Group had become the world's most valuable toy company, ahead of Mattel, with a value of over USD 14.6 billion.

Lego has three leading factories: Billund in Denmark, Nyíregyháza in Hungary, Kladno in the Czech Republic, Jianxing in China, and Monterrey in Mexico. These factories produce 36,000 lego pieces per minute.

Systemair manufactured and delivered ventilation solutions for the Monterrey factory in Mexico. The project consisted of two phases related to the new state-of-the-art building onsite—the project focused on the new building’s AHUs and fire dampers. The new facility measures 100,000 m2 and will be dedicated to processing cooling for the moulding throughout the production process. Several AHUs were also required as part of the retrofit efforts for a nearby, older building which features the kitchen, office, and warehouse facility.

The Monterrey factory houses 3,500 employees working on moulding, processing and packing, supplying to markets in The Americas.

Overcoming through innovation

The project's main challenges are related to:

  • meeting the customer's quality standards

  • delivering units with high flow rates and huge sizes

  • having to assemble crossflow recuperators of immense dimensions.

The AHUs needed to maintain certain humidity and temperature inside the building. The ventilation solutions had to be designed with a high volume of fresh air to reliably accommodate the extreme temperature fluctuations in Monterrey throughout the year, which can be as low as 0°C in the winter season and as high as 42°C in the summertime.

Meeting global standards

It was also critical that the AHUs effectively comply with Lego’s requirements which align with European energy performance standards. In fact, the SFP value was one of the key compliance requirements. In addition, the solutions also had to meet parameters related to the unit’s construction and technical features, such as thermal bridge (TB2), transference resistance (T2), efficiencies in the heat exchangers and materials in the components like ALMG in the coils.

A key factor was that Systemair could deliver the specs with SystemairCAD despite the project’s complexity

To meet these requirements and due to the complex nature of the venture, Systemair manufactured 27 air handling units and combined them into 16 complex air handling units. Each complete unit had a lot of components, including double heat exchange and double cooling coil and heating elements, making it a one-of-a-kind solution.

Navigating logistical challenges

A big challenge for Systemair was shipping the big units and then assembling them to the project site. The Systemair factory had to develop and put together the manufactured units for quality purposes first. After ensuring the integrity of the components and the unit, the teams were disassembled to fit the container for shipping.

Upon arriving on-site, the units were again reassembled by the Systemair team.  The most challenging part was the heat exchanger assembly. The heat exchanger was about two stories high and came in 8 different sections. The space where it needed to be installed had less than a metre of space between the ceiling and the unit. The Systemair team needed to instal the module in a tight area.

Despite being an enormous undertaking, the units were installed, delivered, and commissioned to work seamlessly. Because the units were to be installed inside the building, making it easier to move them to the site. The success hinged on the strong communication and collaboration among Systemair factory, Systemair Mexico sales office, and the customers.


Overall, Systemair delivered the following for the first design phase of the new building:

  • 16 Geniox air handling units and 1 DV190 (Custom-developed from initially 27 units)

  • 1000 fire dampers

The flow rates of the equipment supplied ranged from 1,400 m3/h to 40,000 m3/h. While the new building saw the installation of the fire dampers and most of the AHUs, Systemair also installed a few of the units as part of retrofits to the older building on site.

Systemair became the supplier of choice owing to its extensive and high-quality portfolio of products, which exceeded the client’s expectations. However, the team’s personalised service and support through the local office in Mexico truly made the project a success.

Rodrigo Olea, Mexico Sales Manager, Systemair, said: “Through our sales office, we worked very closely with the client from the very beginning. We facilitated the selection to meet all specs that LEGO required, including liaising with manufacturing companies of components integrated with the AHUs and LEGO. We also provided the scheduling and logistics to ensure that the units were delivered according to LEGO’s standard operating procedure (SOPs). Once the units were on site, we provided regular site visits to make sure the units were assembled according to factory instructions and operate as intended.”

All units supplied have been operating since December 2021. The 2nd phase of the new facility is still underway.

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Geniox, Geniox offers ideal energy saving and low operational cost, with a long lifetime and the least impact on the environment.
Geniox offers ideal energy saving and low operational cost, with a long lifetime and the least impact on the environment.