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What Sustainability Means to Systemair

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Sustainability is a core part of the Systemair organization, both globally from our headquarters in Sweden to our operations in North America. As part of the UN Global Compact, we have incorporated its 10 principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption into four main focus areas. These areas include creating a responsible enterprise and investing in a diverse workplace, creating sustainable operations, and products by 2030.  

Responsible Enterprise Badge

Responsible Enterprise

As part of our strategic plan, Systemair ensures an ethical and responsible business with zero tolerance for corruption. We also take responsibility for our supply chain and ensure all our suppliers comply with international and national human and labor rights laws.

Sustainable Workplace Badge

Diverse, Innovative and Sustainable Workplace

Systemair is targeting zero work-related injuries across all facilities. To continue to create a sustainable workplace, we are focusing on employee development to prevent high turnover and develop a diverse and inclusive culture. We are working toward having at least 25% female managers by 2025. Diversity in our leadership roles will lead to a successful and healthier workplace.

Sustainable Operations Badge

Sustainable Operations

We are working to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, improve energy efficiency throughout our facilities, and become ISO14001 certified. In addition, Systemair North America is partnering with Ecologi, a subscription-based carbon offsetting platform, to plant trees in core reforestation sites around the world. To date, Systemair has sponsored 1,500 trees, which reinforces our commitment to sustainable solutions that enriches our customers' lives.   

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Sustainable Products

Sustainability solutions are at the core of our business: We provide energy-efficient ventilation systems that improve indoor air quality (IAQ). In one year, our products are estimated to help reduce energy usage by 1.9 TWh, which represents a total reduction in annual carbon dioxide emissions of no less than 500,000 tons and is equivalent to the emissions from 280,000 cars. We are also committed to continuously improving our products’ environmental footprint.  

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