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New Jet Fan Elevates Parking Garage Safety

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Systemair’s new IV-50 EC High Induction Centrifugal Jet Fan is helping to make underground and enclosed parking garage designs a little more safe, energy efficient, and quiet. The IV-50 EC is the first and only ventilation product ever to be certified to AMCA International’s Jet Fan Certified Ratings Program (CRP, Rating Method H), which is tested to Standard 250 for both air/thrust performance and Standard 300 for sound performance.

The new certification, specific to the needs of jet fans, is a significant development for the engineering community, because it verifies jet fan performance values. The AMCA certification provides third-party confirmation of the IV-50 EC thrust, sound, and airflow test data gathered in AMCA’s International laboratory.

The introduction of the IV-50 EC solidifies Systemair’s market position and brand recognition as the leader and illustrates the company’s commitment to continually bring exceptional, high-quality, performance-driven solutions to the marketplace.

High performance, quite operation

Along with its industry-first certification, Systemair’s new IV-50 EC High-Induction Centrifugal Jet Fan offers several standout features, including an electronically commutated motor, which allows for a soft start, eliminating the need for a motor starter and VFD. This high-performance induction fan delivers a very significant throw distance of 150’ (46m) at a terminal velocity of 196 fpm (1m/s), while producing 51 Newtons of thrust. The 51 N of thrust produces an Induction Factor of 22, putting into motion an airflow many times greater than the rated CFM.  

Additionally, the IV-50 EC defies the notion that jet fans are loud, boasting a total sound value of 73 dBA at 10’ (3m). 

With a height of less than 10.25” and footprint of 32.8” x 50.5”, the IV-50 EC is the industry’s most powerful compact centrifugal high-induction jet fan. It is easy to install with the large user-friendly electrical box, quick-connect lever terminals, and control options that integrate seamlessly with building automation systems.

“The development of the IV-50 EC optimizes the combined performance measures of airflow, thrust, and throw to fully implement a dilution ventilation strategy—creating the most effective and energy-efficient solution for enclosed and underground car park applications. The IV-50 EC will be a valuable tool as we further guide and educate our business and engineering partners toward the best ventilation solutions.”

John Gramke
National Sales Manager of Commercial Car Park Ventilation at Systemair

For more information, visit the IV-50 EC product page.

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