Eurovent Certified Performance

The global benchmark in third-party, HVAC product certification

Eurovent Certification

When selecting products, the Eurovent Certified Performance mark provides peace of mind to end-users, consultants, contractors, building owners, and authorities. Rigorous and frequent third-party lab tests, factory and selection software audits ensure that products perform as claimed in catalogues and datasheets.

An innovative energy labelling scheme is available for most certified product areas, allowing you to identify the most efficient and sustainable solutions quickly.

The Eurovent Certification is an integral part of Systemair’s quality and performance commitments.

Systemair has been a major participant in Eurovent Certification programmes since their establishment in 1994, covering:

  • Air Conditioners

  • Air Handling Units

  • Hygienic Air Handling Units

  • Plate and Rotary Heat Exchangers

  • Chillers & Heat Pumps

  • Fan Coils

  • Rooftops

  • Residential Ventilation

  • VRF

In fact, we’re offering one of the most extensive portfolios of Eurovent Certified solutions worldwide, which underlines our stringent efficiency, sustainability and quality principles.

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Eurovent Certified Performance in numbers

Systemair products available in the Eurovent Certification database in 2022
Certificates delivered annually to manufacturers in close to 40 countries
Factory and warehouse audits conducted annually
Of the HVACR market is Eurovent certified

Benefits for customers

Our Eurovent Certified solutions undergo stringent checks, including:

  • Annual factory audits to ensure compliance

  • For tailor-made products, verification that offered products are consistent with regular production

  • Performance test of real units conducted in an accredited, third-party laboratory

  • Annual selection software audits to guarantee the validity of output data

Separating facts from fiction

Being certified does not ensure quality performance.

It proves that the manufacturer’s catalogue and selection software output data are correct. It does not necessarily mean that a unit automatically complies with minimum performance regulations like Ecodesign in Europe.

A certification body does not tell companies how to manufacture products unless explicitly specified.

The aim is to validate claims against the allowed deviations set within this certification company.

Performance certification schemes by different certifying companies are not at par with each other.

It is crucial to raise awareness of the true implications of each certification programme and differentiate between the processes behind certifications circulating in the market. The AHRI AHU certification, for example, is barely comparable with Eurovent as it is component focused by nature and lacks essential features.

The performance of single components may differ depending on the real unit due to the system effect.

The use of certified selection software prevents this issue.

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“The Eurovent Certification for Air Handling Units is being applied globally. Together with our industry partners, we actively work on introducing even stricter requirements, quality and verification mechanisms - ensuring that our customers receive the value they deserve.”

Jörn Doerk
Technical Product Manager, Menerga Chairman of the Eurovent Certification Programme Committee on “Air Handling Units”

Get to know the Eurovent Energy Efficiency Label

You may not have realised yet that a Eurovent Energy Efficiency Label is available for many product areas. This label provides you with

  • A simple solution identifying the energy efficiency of a product

  • Ranging from A+ (highest energy efficiency) to E (lowest energy efficiency)

  • Compliance with the latest EU standards. (Remember: European regulation for non-residential ventilation units covers only minimum efficiency requirements. It does not provide a single rating covering all energy-related aspects.)

  • Fair competition: Same rating standards apply to all manufacturers

Systemair Eurovent Summer Label Image With Label Without Text

Striving for inclusivity: Eurovent ‘Summer Label’

Building on the Eurovent Energy Efficiency label, the Energy Efficiency Classes for Summer Application (EECS) label provide a straightforward reference for customers in warmer regions to choose the most suitable equipment.

  • EECS accounts for cooling/humidity recovery

  • Suitable for warmer ambient conditions

  • Precise conditions by city/region through the implementation of the ASHRAE database

  • Mandatory enforcement by Eurovent Certification as of September 2021

Find all you need to know about the Eurovent ‘Summer Label’

Geniox, hygienic by design

Eurovent Certified Performance for Hygienic AHUs

Eurovent also offers optional certification to guarantee the hygienic aspects of AHUs for different applications. Compared to a standard comfort unit, a Eurovent-certified hygienic AHU meets the highest health and safety standards through many features such as cleanability, accessibility, material quality and component features.

Eurovent HAHU combines the requirements of all hygienic standards in a single programme – bringing an end to the current patchwork of differing national norms. This certification is an integral part of Systemair’s #HygienicByDesign approach.