SAMS Clinical Centre exterior

Meeting world-class hygiene standards for patient safety and comfort

Supplying a hygienic AHU and virucidal filters to the radiotherapy department of a leading clinical centre in Lisbon, Portugal

SAMS Clinical Centre, Portugal

Reliability and comfort

Reliable ventilation equipment was critical to meet the needs of the clinical centre's radiotherapy department, an area with highly susceptible patients.

Integrating market-leading hygienic solutions

Systemair offered hygienic air handling units complemented by Deltri+ air filters to avoid any risk of viruses and bacteria spreading, thanks to their virucidal components.

Collaborative approach and technical support

Strong cooperation between engineering teams was critical to ensuring the project's success.


Eng. João Raimundo Garcia Garcia Vazquez – Engenharia e Gestão de Projetos, Lda


Electrino, Lda.


SAMS - Serviços de Assistência Médico-Social

A healthcare facility of the highest standard

SAMS is one of Portugal's largest private healthcare networks that places substantial value on quality and innovation.

Its hospitals and clinical centres are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, offering top quality and safety to its patients. In keeping with the healthcare provider's high standards, the clinical centre in Lisbon aimed to improve its indoor air quality (IAQ) through quality ventilation equipment.

Round-the-clock patient comfort and safety

Strong cooperation and collaboration among engineering teams were critical to ensuring the project's success. The team at Systemair Portugal knew from the initial stages of the project that it would be very demanding because the equipment was meant for the clinical centre's radiotherapy department, which is an area with extremely sensitive and susceptible patients.

Reliability was a critical factor for the customer because the unit will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Geniox units at SAMS

It was important for the clinical centre's engineering team to work with a professional company that can provide innovative and quality products to meet its objective regarding patient comfort and well-being. In addition to requiring hygiene-friendly solutions, the project also needed to address concerns related to virus control to mitigate any risk of Sars-Cov-2 infections among occupants.

Delivering innovative solutions for patient well-being

Systemair delivered a hygienic Geniox unit (GX11 H) with an airflow of 3200 m3/h. The unit was equipped with a thermal wheel, four-pipe units with humidification and DELTRI+ Filters.

Systemair's dedicated team worked closely with the consulting engineer to address the project specifications. The Geniox range, delivered in three pieces, was chosen for the project for its excellent values, D1, L1, F9, T2, TB2, classifications and hygienic features. Another critical component that made the unit stand out was the sheet metal used Magnelis with C5 corrosion protection.

Deltri+ filters were integrated to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading, thanks to their virucidal components, further safeguarding the indoor air quality of the space. Aside from being able to neutralise viruses (including SARS-CoV-2), bacteria, and mould, Deltri+ filters were also a cost-effective option because of its low energy consumption (Eurovent A+), low-pressure drop and market-leading dust holding capacity (ISO ePM1 90%, comparable F9, EN779).