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Let it flow.CAP Nozzle Diffusers

Flexible multi-nozzle diffusers for quick and effective airflow distribution.

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Keeping it fresh.

CAP diffusers are supply and return air diffusers that use multiple nozzles to quickly and evenly distribute the airflow in any room.

Making it excellent for comfort ventilation systems in classrooms, offices, medical centres, shops, and more.

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Change the air discharge pattern. And only the pattern.

CAP multi-nozzle diffusers let you turn the nozzles to change the direction of the air discharge even after it’s installed. Without changing the air pressure drop or air flow volume.

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Throw lengths and distribution? You get to choose.

No matter the application, you can set up your CAP nozzle diffusers for either short or long throw lengths and vertical or horizontal distribution patterns.

Multiple designs for multiple applications.

Plaster board ceilings, false ceilings, in-duct, circular, and rectangular – there’s a CAP diffuser style and shape for every application you can think of.

CAP-B, Nozzle Diffusers
Nozzle Diffusers
CAP-F, Nozzle Diffusers
Nozzle Diffusers · T-bar ceiling diffuser with multiple individually adjustable nozzles.
  • High airflow capacity with low sound level.

  • Nozzles in the diffuser plate can be adjusted by a full 360°.

  • Compact design perfect for T-bar false ceilings such as in offices, shops, medical rooms, and classrooms.

CAP-C, Nozzle Diffusers
Nozzle Diffusers · Multi-nozzle diffuser for effective air supply
  • Versatile 

  • Low Noise 

  • Compact

  • High Air-Flow Capacity 

CAP-G, Nozzle Diffusers
Nozzle Diffusers · Multi-nozzle diffuser for comfort ventilation systems
  • Directionally adjustable 

  • Compact design 

  • Excellent air induction 

  • High airflow capacity

CAP-F-N, Nozzle Diffusers
Nozzle Diffusers · Adaptable airflow diffuser with quiet operation suitable for comfort ventilation systems
  • Versatile 

  • Compact 

  • High Airflow Capacity 

  • Excellent Air Induction 

CAP-RD, Nozzle Diffusers
Nozzle Diffusers · Multi-nozzle diffuser for installation on the circular ventilation duct.
  • Excellent Air Induction 

  • Quiet Operation 

  • Adaptable Use 

  • Easy Installation 

CAP-SD, Nozzle Diffusers
Nozzle Diffusers · Adjustable diffuser with quiet operation suitable for Industrial and public spaces
  • Quiet Operation 

  • Versatile

  • Efficient Air Induction 

  • Compact Design

CAP-CT, Nozzle Diffusers
Nozzle Diffusers · A versatile multi-nozzle diffuser for flexible air supply
  • Versatile Use 

  • Excellent Air Induction 

  • Quiet Operation 

  • Compact Design