SYSCREW WATER EVO HP Water Cooled Heat Pumps

415-1 755 kW • R134a / R513A • Very high efficiency and capacity water-cooled heat pump suitable for heavy duty use

  • 15 sizes

  • Very high seasonal efficiency

  • Screw compressors

  • Safe and low environmental impact R513A refrigerant

  • Shell & tube evaporator and condenser

  • Electronic expansion device

  • 2 acoustic versions

  • Customized software with a modular architecture

  • Precise and complete selection on AC SELECT

High durability

SYSCREW WATER EVO HP units are equipped with extremely robust screw compressors and shell & tube counter flow heat exchangers.

VERY high seasonal efficiency

Thanks to a better heat exchange, water-cooled heat pumps have the huge advantage of benefiting from incredible seasonal efficiency values. Thus, the range reaches SEER values up to 6,7.

Low noise operation

These units can be delivered with the "Super Low noise" acoustic option in order to further reduce noise impact. With this option, the units are supplied with compressors box and additional insulation panels on the cabinet.

Electronic expansion device

Excellent control of superheating for the best performance at full and partial load and for a safe operation.

SYSCREW WATER EVO HP range has been designed to operate with R513A or R134a refrigerants. It is available in 15 sizes and 2 acoustic options.

Each unit consists of one/two independent refrigerant circuit(s) (depending on the unit size) complete with screw compressors, a pure counterflow shell & tube evaporator, a new generation shell & tube condenser, an electronic expansion valve as well as safety and control devices.

Compressors are optimized to work with high pressure ratio. Liquid injection allows operation on a wider envelope without compromising unit reliability.

With a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of only 631, R513A refrigerant is around 3 times less polluting than the regular R410A. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, this refrigerant also has the advantage of being non-toxic and non-flammable with A1 safety classification.