SYSAQUA BLUE L Air Cooled Chillers

35 kW • R290 • One of the most Eco-friendly chiller on the market

  • Super eco-friendly

  • Very high efficiency

  • Extended operating limits

  • Low footprint

  • Easy maintenance

  • Remotely controllable with AC CLOUD

  • Possibility to combine up to 6 units together

  • Precise and complete selection on AC SELECT

Almost ZERO environmental impact

Minimizing your units’ impact on the environment is even easier with SYSAQUA BLUE L. This chiller operates with the natural R290 (propane) refrigerant, offering a green alternative for any project. It has the huge double benefit of increasing the efficiency and the performance of the unit and limiting the impact on the environment thanks to one of the lowest GWP → Only 3!

Very high efficiency

In addition to having almost no impact on the environment, the natural R290 refrigerant also significantly improves the energy efficiency of the unit. Compared to a standard unit using the R410A refrigerant, SYSAQUA BLUE L offers SEER seasonal efficiency improved by +18%.

For even better efficiency levels, SYSAQUA BLUE can also be equipped with a variable speed pump that automatically adjusts its speed according to the required capacity.

Wide operating limits

Coming with extended operating limits means your SYSAQUA BLUE L units will work perfectly well no matter how harsh the weather or climate. For excellent performance all year round, this super eco-friendly unit operates under temperatures comprises between -15°C to + 52°C, providing water temperatures from -15°C to + 18°C.

Safety-first design

Like all Systemair products, SYSAQUA BLUE L units are designed to be as safe as they are easy to install and operate. They come with an innovative safety system; If Propane (R290) is detected by the leak detector, the unit stops running immediately and a self-contained ventilation system ensures venting of gas to the outside of the unit.

The SYSAQUA BLUE L is available in a single size and has been designed and optimized to operate with R290 refrigerant fluid. If your project needs more capacity, it is possible to combine up to 6 units together.

All units have one refrigerant circuit consisting of two ATEX scroll tandem compressors, a plate heat exchanger, an electronic expansion valve, a new generation of condenser coil, as well as safety and control devices.

A fan speed controller can be also supplied as factory-fitted option to authorize the unit to operate at low ambient temperature.

Each unit is supplied with a new high standard control system providing excellent pressure control, as well as global and optimized unit management.

With AC CLOUD, we also offer you the possibility to take full control of your SYSAQUA BLUE units from anywhere, at any time.

Sysaqua V02

The future is natural

At Systemair, we have a clear road map considering the greater good of our planet. Investing in equipment with natural refrigerants ensures the longterm sustainability of installed systems.

Our SYSAQUA BLUE units is a prime example, proving that comfort does not have to be inconvenient for the planet. Fuelled by R290 (propane) with a GWP of 3, it has almost no environmental impact while being highly energy efficient.

Each unit using the natural R290 refrigerant instead of R410A can save a CO2 emission equivalent to the average emission of a car on a 42,000 km journey; the equivalent of one complete trip around the globe!

Combine units

Several SYSAQUA BLUE units can be combined to extend cooling capacity up to 190 kW at nominal conditions.

Very low refrigerant charge
  • Highly optimised heat exchanger design

  • Enables refrigerant charge reduction of 50%: Less than 3 kg of propane (R290)

Electronic expansion valve
  • Reliable and high-performance valve minimises overheating of the evaporator

  • Directly managed by the control system

Removable panels for easy maintenance

Great accessibility to internal components for service operations

Variable Speed Pumps

Automatically adjusts their speed according to the capacity required. As a result, the annual energy consumption of the pump can be reduced by up to 70%, as compared to a fixed speed pump and according to the operating profile of the pump working at partial load.

  • Easy to design and configure

  • Smooth planning and installation

  • Simple to connect, configure, and control

Eurovent Certified Performance
  • Eurovent Certified Performance guarantees reliability of catalogue data

  • SYSAQUA BLUE achieves top level Eurovent energy classes

  • Compliant with the current and (expected) future EU Ecodesign regulations