TFSRoof Fans

A compact, quite and reliable exhaust fan for domestic and commercial areas

  • Compact extract air fan, ideal for storage areas, offices, residential houses etc.

  • Durable and easy maintanance

  • Available with AC and EC motors for 50 and 60Hz

  • Low noise level


The TFS fans are designed as very compact solution to fit roof exhaust extensions and provide a quick and straightforward installation. Fans are available in black, grey and brick red color and can be used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications, e.g. single and multiple dwellings, offices, storages and day nurseries.

Highly Durable

The fan is housed in a galvanized steel powder-coated casing to provide required protection for demanding outdoor use. The combination of high-reliable motor and long-life ball bearings, allows long continuous operation of the fan.

Easy Maintenance

TFS fans deploy a ‘swing out’ design and have integrated on/off service switch on top of the casing to allow quick access for inspection and servicing.

Quiet solution

Noise optimized impeller makes the TFS fans a very quite solution. Further sound decrease obtained by using sound and thermal insulated roof curb (recommended accessory).


Casing made of galvanised sheet steel and for additional protection powder coated to grey, black and brick red colour. The casing of TFS includes a ‘swing out’ cover with integrated service switch to simplify maintenance. To simplify the wiring process on site, the fans are also equipped with an external terminal box (IP66) with a 1 m long cable.


TFS use backward curved radial impellers. These are made from lightweight, hard-wearing fiberglass reinforced polyamide, dynamically balanced and paired with corresponding external rotor motors.


Depending on type, TFS fans are equipped with AC or high efficient EC external rotor motors. All motors are suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz.

Motor protection

Fans with AC motors have integrated thermal protection with manual (electrical) reset.

Fans with EC motors have integrated electronic thermal protection including locked-rotor protection and soft-start.


Fans with EC motor with built-in potentiometer to adjust working point can be also controlled by external signal 0-10V.

Fans with AC motor can be controlled by 5-step or stepless speed regulator (accessory).

For demand controlled ventilation it can be combined with timer, thermostat, hygrostat, etc.


The TFS must be installed on the roof in horizontal or inclined position. We recommend to install the fan together with a roof curb (available as an accessory).

TFSR delivered with spigot for the cases of direct connection to the circular duct. For cold climates we recommend continuous operation of the fan.