Pamir 3500 Commercial Air Curtains

Sleek and energy efficient air curtain for commercial premises

  • Flexible Comfort

  • Intelligent Control

  • Optimized Performance

  • Recommended installation height 3,5 m

  • Recommended installation width 5 m (two units, one on each side)

Flexible Installation

A broad selection of accessories makes it possible to create the exact solution you need - horizontal, vertical, recessed. An easy to open front allows quick access to facilitate both installation and maintenance.

Energy Efficient and Sustainable

With air curtains great energy savings can be obtained. This air curtain is equipped with EC motors that are up to 50% more energy efficient than AC motors, and have a lower weight which makes for easier installations and greener transports.

Intelligent Control Options

Supplemented with an intelligent control system that allows you to optimize your comfort with minimum effort.

Optimized High Performance

Air curtains with Thermozone technology have optimized performance to provide a comfortable indoor climate free from drafts and with low sound levels. The air curtain also keeps out emissions and insects.

Pamir 3500, with a recommended installation height of 3,5 m or width of 5 m, has a modern and sleek design developed to fit all entrances.

The air curtain is available for horizontal, vertical and recessed installation. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to create the ideal solution for each environment. An easy to open front allows quick access to facilitate both installation and maintenance.

This air curtain is equipped with energy-efficient EC motors which enable stepless control of the airflow.

The air curtain comes with an integrated PC-board and are supplemented with the intelligent control system FC, working together to create many smart and energy saving features. There are four different packages to choose from, depending on your requirements. The system offers easy control with the control panel, via app (Bluetooth) or with BMS (via 0-10V, potential free contact (e.g. a relay) and/or Modbus RTU (RS485). The control system is ordered separately.

Water heated units must be supplemented with a valve system. The valve system controls the water flow and activates maximum heat only when needed. Other smart accessories for water heated units are also available.

Frico air curtains are developed and manufactured in Sweden. The air curtains are tested in one of the most modern and advanced air and sound laboratories in Europe which means that we can guarantee a high performance product.

The recommended installation height varies depending on the relevant premises. The recommended installation width is with air curtains mounted on both sides of the opening.