Arden Air Curtain blends in almost invisibly in store in a shopping mall

You won’t see them. But you’ll feel the difference.ArdenCommercial Air Curtains

Energy-efficient recessed air curtains for perfect indoor environments.

Almost invisible.

Recessed to blend in with their surroundings, Arden air curtains are perfect for applications where aesthetics are the priority.

Arden Air Curtain

High savings.

Arden air curtains come fitted with EC motors. Making them at least 50% more energy efficient than traditional AC motors.

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And smart, too.

Arden’s intelligent control system lets you easily configure your air curtain settings for maximum comfort in any indoor environment.

All good things come in threes. So does Arden.

Three different versions

Arden air curtains are available in 3 versions: ambient (without heat), electrical heating, and water heating. For maximum flexibility in any application.

Three ways to customise

Select your control system, add your valve system, and choose your mounting accessories. The only thing that’s left to do now is install it.

Hot? Or cold?

No matter what kind of indoor environment you need to protect, Arden will protect it for you.

Arden 3500, Commercial Air Curtains
Arden 3500
Commercial Air Curtains · Recessed and energy efficient air curtain for commercial premises
  • Invisible Comfort

  • Intelligent Control

  • Optimized Performance

  • Recommended installation height 3,5 m

Arden 4200, Commercial Air Curtains
Arden 4200
Commercial Air Curtains · Recessed and energy efficient air curtain for large commercial premises
  • Invisible Protection of Larger Entrances

  • Intelligent Control

  • Optimized Performance

  • Recommended installation height 4,2 m

With groundbreaking Thermozone technology

Thermozone technology ensures all Arden air curtains deliver high performance and high energy efficiency – at extremely low sound levels.

More energy saved

Arden’s Thermozone technology ensures high energy savings and operational efficiency of your air curtains and of the carefully cooled (or heated) indoor climates they protect.

More comfortable climates

The airflow of your Arden air curtains automatically adjusts to ensure your indoor climates stay the right temperature and are free from drafts, emissions, and insects.

More peaceful spaces

With extremely low sound levels and reduced turbulence, your indoor spaces will be more peaceful, and protected, with Thermozone-enabled Arden air curtains.