Enhancing HVAC systems to align with BREEAM standards in a milestone refurbishment project

In one of the UK's largest Design and Build projects, Systemair supported Celsius Solutions in refurbishing a 1980s office block to meet BREEAM standards.

One Portsoken Building, United Kingdom

Compliance to BREEAM standards

The main objective was to upgrade the HVAC services to comply with BREEAM standards. Systemair provided highly efficient ventilation solutions that comply with stringent sustainability to help Celsius Solutions meet the customer's requirements.

Compact footprint and simplified installation

The Geniox AHUs with integrated reversible heat pumps were selected as the ideal, versatile solution while ensuring simplified installation.

Ease of maintenance and operations

The Topvex False Ceiling range was chosen for its compact and efficient features, complemented by Systemair’s Access control system with wireless communication.


Celsius Solutions Ltd


The Anslow Partnership



A client in the know

Celsius Solutions Ltd is an HVAC contractor providing specialist design, installation, and public health services in London and across the United Kingdom, offering an experienced in-house technical team alongside expert project managers.

The company choose Systemair as a partner in upgrading the HVAC systems of their customer’s office in One Portsoken Street.

A monumental project

The project scope included refurbishing a 1980s office block and upgrading the HVAC services to meet BREEAM standards. BREEAM specifies and measures building sustainability performance, ensuring that projects meet sustainability goals and continue to perform optimally over time. Meeting the BREEAM standards necessitates meticulous planning, thoughtful design, precise specification and detailing, and a strong collaborative relationship with the client.

At 230,000 square feet, the project is one of the UK's most significant design and build (D&B) projects.

Systemair worked closely with Celsius Solutions Ltd, the project contractor, alongside the principal consultant, The Anslow Partnership, and the developer, Oktra.

In addition to ensuring compliance with BREEAM standard requirements, the customer also stressed the importance of simplified installation and ease of maintenance and operations.

Combining efficiency with compliance and compactness

To address these requirements, Systemair provided nine Geniox AHUs with integrated heat pumps and two Topvex FCs.

The integrated heat pump Geniox AHUs offer high heat recovery and low overall energy consumption. Each unit is a complete system with controls, offering cooling, heating, and ventilation. The compact design easily fits through standard doors, ensuring a simple installation with lower costs. It also features a user-friendly control system and promises low operational cost, energy consumption, maintenance requirements, and durability.

The compact Topvex False Ceiling range was chosen as an ideal space-solving solution, as the range offers various sizes to suit project requirements while ensuring good energy efficiency and low running costs. Their compact, flat design allows easy installation in ceiling voids and transporting them through doors and corridors poses no problems. The Topvex FC range also features Systemair’s Access control system with wireless communication, making installation and start-up more accessible.