Fans can be flexible too.MUBInsulated duct fans

Highly efficient, highly flexible, low noise box fans. Endless ways to customize.

MUB Box Fans
MUB Box Fans
Mub Flexi


With removable panels and installation possible in any mounting position, MUB fans can be customized quickly and simply to fit any application.

Mub Quiet


Every Systemair Multibox fan comes equipped with energy-efficient EC motor. For incredible performance and efficiency.

Mub Strong


MUBs are small, compact and made with a heavy-duty corrosion-resistant aluminum frame to withstand even the toughest climate conditions, any time of year.

Meet the full range

The MUB range includes versions for a variety of applications such as Kitchen extract with motor out of the airsteam. Get to know them below.

Insulated duct fans · Efficient fans for supply or exhaust ventilation systems
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation 30 mm

  • Flexible airflow direction due to removable panels

  • Indoor and outdoor installation

  • Modular system of accessories

  • Available with EC motors for 60Hz

Extract-side. Supply-side. How it works – you decide.

In full control

MUB EC external rotor motors aren’t just quiet. They’re fully speed controllable. For efficient operation at all times and all climate conditions.

Built to last

MUB panels are double skin, made from galvanised steel and insulated with mineral wool and synthetic material corners. For long-lasting performance.

Customize and accessorize

Systemair MUB fans fit a wide range of accessories including heating and cooling coils, silencers, filters and more to suit any application.

Here, there, anywhere

From industrial to commercial to residential buildings. Wherever compact fans are needed, you can choose an MUB with confidence.