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New integrated reversible heat pump system DVU-HP

- For DV and TIME ec AHU’s. Highly energy effective solution for both heating and cooling.

On the big ISH trade fair in Frankfurt from March 10 to 14th, Systemair will present a new highly energy effective, fully integrated cooling solution named DVU-HP. By using an integrated reversible heat pump system for both heating and cooling together with a rotary heat exchanger, Systemair has designed a complete solution ready-for-operation.

The heat pump and the heat exchanger are integrated into one section build into Systemair’s air handling units (AHU’s) named Danvent DV and TIME is produced in Denmark. A practical feature of the DVU-HP is the very compact design. That makes it much easier than earlier to establish both integrated heating and cooling on central ventilation systems.

DVU-HP – Integrated Reversible Heat Pump System

The new section DVU-HP is equipped with two Scroll-compressors (only 1 compressor for the two smallest AHU sizes DV 10 and DV 15)) and the heating-/cooling capacity is stepless regulated from 5 – 100 % for optimal comfort and minimum energy consumption. The heat pump is based on the refrigerant R-410A and the capacity suits various climates and can provide a supply air temperature of maximum of 15 degrees in cooling mode. With the DVU-HP, you get a cost-effective quality cooling solution suited for all ventilation projects.


- The idea behind constructing a complete AHU section is to make installation as simple as possible for our customers. It is built into the air handling unit ready for operation. This way, installation and power-up is swift and easy. It is also easier to perform service and maintenance, as all components are placed together compared to traditional cooling solutions, where the compressor typically is placed outside the AHU. Finally, the complete section is tested before delivery to our customers, says Ole L. Andersen, Technical Manager, Systemair Denmark.

Independent DVU-HP Control System

DVU-HP is equipped with an integrated control system for absolute control of the heat pump’s regulation and safety functions. The DVU-HP control system communicates with the AHU’s control system so that the desired cooling or heating capacity is always available. When demand for heating or cooling occurs, the heat pump will begin operation and capacity is regulated by the modulating digital function of the Scroll-compressor. 

The integrated control system in DVU-HP also ensures that compressors and other sub-components always are working inside the permitted levels, which means that overload is prevented. Airflow and temperatures are regulated by the control system of the AHU.     

See you at the ISH Trade Fair!  

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