SystemairCAD AHU Selection

Selection software for air handling units Geniox, Danvent DV and TIME ec.

SystemairCAD makes it easy to to choose!

SystemairCAD will help you design the right air handling unit for any given ventilation project. When you have designed the unit according to actual needs and demands, SystemairCAD automatically calculate all technical documentation. Easy and simple! 

Download SystemairCAD

Please note: First time you download SystemairCAD , your user-login must be set as windows administrator.   

User friendly interface

See instructional videos.

You don't need any advanced IT skills to use SystemairCAD. The user friendly interface makes it quick and easy to combine functions into a wide range of solutions. This makes it easy to modify one or more air handling units for all types of ventilation projects.

By using the intelligent 3D model, which is created by one-click, you will get a quick overview of all design posibilities. Double-click on a specific component e.g. a rotary heat exhanger, and a new window will pop-up and show you all types of heat exchangers available. 

Automatic calculation of full technical documentation

When you have designed the air handling unit, SystemairCAD automatically conduct all calculations and provide full technical documentation. The energy consumption levels is visible from the pdf-printout with full technical documentation on all components. All calculations and documentation are validated by Eurovent.   

Many possibilities and optimizer-function

Many configuration possibilities make it easy to energy optimize the air handling unit for all airflow demands, combinations, and sizes. When you have finished designing the air handling unit, you can use the optimizer-function to control whether the chosen air handling unit is the best possible available in relation to price and energy consumption.  


SystemairCAD has an automatic eodesign function that shows whether the chosen AHU configuration complies with the new ecodesign minimum requirements for 2016 and 2018.

Read more about this new function in our Ecodesign quickguide

Systemair Plugins

SystemairCAD has special made plug-ins for the CAD software MagiCAD making it simple to connect the air handling unit to the ducting on the drawing in MagiCAD, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Revit.

Download a video showing how to use the AutoCAD plug-in.

Download a video showing how to use the Revit plug-in.

Download the plug-in for AutoCAD or Revit.

Please note: It requires that SystemairCAD is first installed.

Import of 3D models to Autodesk Revit

SystemairCAD is also able to export a DMR file of a 3D CAD model. A small plug-in have to be installed to import the 3D model to Autodesk Revit.

The import plug-in together with instructions how to install it can be downloaded via the following link:

Download SystemairCAD