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Experimenta, Heilbronn, Germany

The experimenta in Heilbronn is the largest science centre in the south of Germany. More than 200,000 visitors discover the experimenta every year. School classes run the chance to take physics lessons there.

Discover, experience, recognize: this is the motto of the new science centre not only for children but also for adults. Here science and technology can be experienced at first hand. The experimenta is housed in two buildings (a historic granary and a new building) with 7,500 square meters. Four themed worlds and 150 exhibits provide the opportunity to gain insights into science and technology by making experiments. The main idea of the experimenta is to deal with individual skills. In the experimenta, visitors can learn to find their own, sometimes hidden talents. Moreover the exhibition is complemented by changing special exhibitions, lectures and live experiments.

Several products of the Systemair portfolio are installed in the experimenta to ensure the ventilation of the different rooms and floors.

Systemair products:
1 x KVKE 250 L
1 x DVNI 560 DV thermo roof fan
1 x KVK 250 circular duct fan with sound insulation
3 x RSI 60-35 M3 rectangular duct
2 x TA 1100 EL supply air handling unit
1 x TA 1500 HW
1 x PRF 200 DV plastic fan
3 x PRF 250 DV

Challenges and features: 

  • Based on the structural parameters the rating of the ventilation system had to be made for each building separately. Large air quantities had to be conducted from the basement through the whole building to supply every floor with enough fresh air.
  • The consultant and Systemair worked together early to get a grip on the unusual pressure drags, which are caused by the contorted pipe routeing in the upper floor. So the airflows could be maintained.
  • The event hall of the experimenta is located at the top floor of the old building. Therefore the ventilationsystem on the roof had to be very quiet. This was reached by installing the fans on a ground which absorbs vibrations.
  • Not to spoil the exterior view of the historic granary the air handling units were placed on the roof of the building. Besides they were cased with galvanized steel grate. Now it looks like an additional floor on thetop of the building. This forms an architectural contrast to the red clinkers of the old building.