Geniox is your shortcut to the best indoor air quality

Geniox is available in 12 different sizes and can handle air volumes from 750 to 48,000 m3/h (0.2-13.3 m3/s). This level of flexibility means that we can offer an optimised solution regardless of your project and industry.

The Geniox air handling unit offers an energy efficient ventilation solution for commercial, hygiene, marine and industrial applications. Geniox is certified by Eurovent. The Eurovent certification is your security that Geniox air handling units meet the technical specifications.

Geniox provides an integrated, smart ventilation solution where innovation, energy saving, noise reduction and sustainability are key. Whether for a hotel, office, school, data centre, hospital, cruise ship or chemical industry, we can offer a solution. 

SystemairCAD - User-friendly design program

We can configure Geniox for you in the design program SystemairCAD. You can also try it yourself. 

In SystemairCAD you can adjust the size and functions precisely to your project. By inserting data for daily and annual operation, you can also find the most energy efficient solution. SystemairCAD can also help you calculate your air handling unit's Life-Cycle Cost (LCC). You can also create and export CAD-files for use in BIM and print the complete technical documentation for your air handling unit. 

When you have designed your air handling unit, SystemairCAD completes a technical calculation and automatically generates complete technical documentation in pdf format, specifically for your chosen air handling unit. Download SystemairCAD here.

Your choice of control system

With control system, without control system, or Controller Ready. You choose the control system that you want for your Geniox air handling unit. Controller Ready means that you get your air handling unit with a prepared control board. You just need to connect your controller.

You can also get Geniox with Systemair Access, a complete and fully integrated control system. Access has a wealth of functions, such as alarms, time settings, operation data and operation status. Systemair Access is an advanced and user-friendly system with an external control panel to manage all settings. You can place the control panel anywhere in the building. The system is prepared for communication with a Building Management System (BMS). 

Learn much more about Geniox, functions and possibilities.

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