Indoor installation

Geniox Core has a small footprint without compromising energy efficiency. Dampers, heating or cooling coils, and sound attenuators are placed outside the air handling unit, which provides you with a number of flexible solutions.

These flexible solutions make it possible for you to: 

  • Place the outdoor air damper directly at the outdoor intake, which means you avoid drawing cold air through the building. 
  • Place the heating or cooling coil where it is most beneficial to the water supply and the possibility for service. 
  • Choose a cooling coil with higher performance. In that case, you would choose a larger face area and thus reduce the pressure loss. 
  • Place sound attenuators to best suit the surroundings, as they often have a considerable length.
  • For duct mounting we deliver mounting kits with bolts, screw clamps and sealing.

Outdoor installation

You can have all the components mounted inside the air handling unit and have everything in one place on a single base frame. This gives you a clean and simple expression on the roof. Or you can choose to have the heating and cooling coil placed inside the building. The choice is yours.

These flexible solutions make it possible for you to: 

  • Place the heating or cooling coil inside the building, which means you do not need water supply on the roof and thus reduce the risk of frost bursts.
  • Service and monitor the coils inside the building. 
  • Save costs by placing the coil where the water supply is easy to connect to.
  • Achieve a clean, simple and short installation on the roof without all the pipes.

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