Geniox Core characteristics

Compact and flexible

Geniox Core has a very small footprint. We have made the unit as short as possible and combined it with external dampers, and external heating and cooling coils to make it fit in small spaces. You can place the external components where the space is available – perhaps on a different floor? 


You can select Geniox Core in SystemairCAD where you will find a number of pre-configured solutions to make it quick and easy to select the air handling unit that suits your project best.

Systemair Access control system installed 

Geniox Core is always delivered with Systemair Access control system and the user-friendly NaviPad control panel. NaviPad provides you with dynamic flow charts which allow you to easily adjust the settings. You can connect Systemair Access to the BMS through the built-in BACnet, Modbus communication or the cloud service Systemair Connect.

Easy installation 

When you receive a Geniox Core, everything has been tested in the factory. It will be delivered in two or three sections which you can assemble quickly and easily. Internally wiring between sections is with quick connections. Connect your chosen dampers and heating or cooling coils with bolts and screw clamps. Start-up and commissioning is easy, the control system is preprogrammed, so you just need to make your adjustments and you are ready to go. 

Fast delivery

Because we know that time is of the essence in every project.


For indoor installation, Geniox Core will always be divided in two sections for rotary heat exchanger, and in three sections for counter flow heat exchanger or with a heat pump.

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