Danvent DV for practically any ventilation need

Danvent DV is available in 14 sizes with air volumes from 750 - 75,000 m³/h (0.2-24 m³/s). 

Danvent DV is a modular air handling unit. Each function is built into a casing consisting of one or more modules. The modular functions can be combined for numerous variants. This flexibility makes it possible for you to customise the air handling unit for each project. 


A number of well-dimensioned functions are available for the Danvent DV air handling units. You can choose between various systems for heat recovery, several types of fans and filters, many variants of heating and cooling coils and much more. This is how you can design Danvent DV in numerous variants, from the simple air handling unit with a few functions to the advanced air handling unit. 


The design program SystemairCAD ensures an optimal dimensioning of the air handling unit's functions. The program is very user-friendly and makes it possible for you to quickly and simply combine air handling unit functions and complete technical calculations. In SystemairCAD, you can also calculate and optimise the energy consumption. The calculated values are the basis for Danvent DV's Eurovent certification and energy classification. Download SystemairCAD here and try for yourself. 

Learn much more about Danvent DV, functions and possibilities.

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