Newest investigations show that the air quality in class rooms is responsible for the academic success. The times where the temperature and CO2 level of class rooms were controlled by opening and closing of windows is over. More airtight buildings require the use of mechanical and controlled air conditioning. This fact has to be taken in account at the planning of restructuring and building works of school facilities.


Class rooms have an average occupancy of 35 people. To guarantee a CO2 level below 1,000 ppm in the air of the class rooms, an outdoor air flow of 30 m³/h per person is required. This corresponds to an outdoor air flow of 1.050 m³/h so that a four- to fivefold air exchange is reached. The supply air system has to bring that air volume draft-free into the class rooms and to ensure the heating and cooling functions.

Nowadays an air conditioning which is not able to provide a comfortable climate because of drafts or different climate areas is not accepted. The focus at the equipment of nurseries and schools is to provide the room with conditions which doesn’t cause health or state problems and therefore ensures a complete physical and mental performance.

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