As Easy as your Smartphone BA Smart Air Handling Unit

Systemair Modular AHU with Advanced Reliable Technology - SMART AHU


You’re in control

You’ll very soon become familiar with the NaviPad’s graphical user interface. You monitor and control your air handling unit by navigating the easy and intuitive menu structure with icons on your touchscreen. Thanks to NaviPad’s user-friendly interface, it is now easier than ever to manage an air handling unit.

Going pro!

You don’t need to be a ventilation expert to get the most out of your air handling unit. We have made functions and features easily available, allowing you to make optimal use of your air handling unit.

Make people feel good

Using your air handling unit more effectively will help you save energy and money, but at the end of the day, it’s all about people and their well-being. NaviPad will help you optimize the air handling unit so people can breathe easy in a great indoor climate.

  1. Energy Efficient Fan
  2. Low leakage Air Handling Units
  3. Online selection tool for optimization
  4. Inbuilt controls with HMI
  5. Eurovent & Eurovent Hygienic Certified AHU
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