Climate control building DIFFER

Systemair has assembled and supplied four air handling units for the climate control system in the DIFFER building in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. A design that has taken the environment into account on all fronts.

In total, the air handling units supply 134 500 m3 of air per hour and extract 107 000 m3 of air per hour. The BREEAM Excellent certification criteria was the starting point for this project.

Three of the air handling units are equipped with plate heat exchangers, while the fourth one is equipped with an absorption heat exchanger so that a high efficiency can be achieved. Due to the extract air containing gases such as carbon monoxide from experimental areas, the supply and extract airflows are physically separate in the air handling units equipped with the plate heat exchangers. The separate airflows ensure the gas does not end up in other places in the building.

The plate heat exchangers and the heating and cooling batteries have an additional coating applied to them, which makes them more resistant to aggressive substances. The outdoor air is first filtered through filters in a stainless steel housing to keep the unit as clean as possible. Every unit is equipped with double fans, which not only saves space but also ensures that, in the event of a fault, the air handling units are still mostly operational. Additional inspection sections have been added between the heating and cooling batteries, making it a lot easier to clean the units.

Copyright: Bram Lamers

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