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X-RDA-250-350/500m³/h CAV
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The air flow regulator RDA is an element placed inside the duct in order to obtain a constant flow within a pressure range from 50 to 200 Pascal. It is used in ventilation or air conditioning systems for supply or return air.


Ordering code
80 - size of the duct in mm
15/30/45 - possible air volumes in m3/h


The air is forced to pass through predetermined space in which a flap can change the position according to the specified air flow. The flap is attached on to a calibrated spring and therefore no auxiliary power is needed. Possible air volumes can be adjusted by removing the spacers and shims from the body of the unit (part of delivery). The smallest air volume can be achieved by keeping all the spacers and shims inside the unit. If a spacer or shim is removed the predetermined space becomes larger, thus next constant air volume setting is achieved.


RDA is made from plastic material (polystyrene) classified M1 in black colour. Operating temperature is from 5 to 60°C.


RDA is inserted directly into a horizontal or vertical circular duct. It is fixed and kept airtight by a lip seal. Arrow indicates the airflow. Straight duct in equivalent of 3x diameter should be used after the unit and equivalent of 1x diameter of the duct before the unit in the direction of the volume flow.


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