MUB-EX - Safety in all areas

With the MUB-EX family, Systemair offers the most flexible, ATEX tested and insulated fans on the market.

  • Voltage controllable external rotor motor
  • Low noise level
  • The outlet direction can be changed on site at any time
  • Motor protection by PTC thermistor
  • Ex II 2G Ex h IIB+H² T3 Gb
  • II 2G Ex h IIB+H² T3 Gb


The new MUB-EX combine maximum safety with maximum flexibility.

The fans are equipped with powder-coated, backward curved radial impellers and voltage controllable external rotor motors. The inlet nozzle is made of copper, which prevents sparking even in exceptional cases.

The voltage controllable external rotor motor has cables that has to be connected to to a motor protection switching device.

The frame profile of the housing consists of corrosionresistant aluminium with corners made of plastic, which ensure the highest possible impact resistance.

Thanks to the 30 mm insulation, the housing perfectly shields disturbing ventilation noises from the surroundings. The insulation ensures thermal decoupling.

The MUB-EX fans are designed for straight airflow as standard. Due to the removable wall panels, the air direction can be adjusted on site.

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