Powerhouse Kjørbo

Powerhouse Kjørbo is the first Powerhouse project, consisting of an office building from the 80’s rehabilitated to an energy consumption below 15 % of the initial state. The building also produces its own energy by photovoltaic cells and will in its life time produce more energy than it consumes.

In addition to the sustainability aspect in the project, the building occupants now tell of better indoor climate, better acoustics, better lighting conditions and more comfortable temperature levels in the rehabilitated building.

Systemair has participated in the development of the ventilation solutions in Powerhouse Kjørbo. In addition, we have supplied the air handling units, in total 3 DVCompact-units.

  • Type: Office building
  • Place: Oslo, Norway
  • Architect: Snøhetta
  • Owner: Entra ASA
  • Size: 15 000 m2
  • Energy production: 230 000 kWh/år
  • Total AHU capasity: 37 000 m3/h

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