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Create PDF These evacuation dampers are designed and certified complying with ES performance attributes. EKI-R-E60S evacuation dampers are intended to be installed out of the wall/ceiling into the insulated/uninsulated duct. Installation of these units is described in the Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual PP87_PKI-R-E60S_EN. As standard, all dampers are servo-driven and can be delivered with thermo-elektrical release device, with supply and communication control unit.


Functionality of the evacuation damper

Evacuation dampers are equipped with a servo that opens the damper blade on demand of the Building Management System or based on a current interruption in the thermoelectrical release device.

Evacuation dampers must be installed, operated and maintained according to the Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual (PP87_PKI-R-E60S_EN)!


Operating conditions

Dampers equipped with the servo with the thermo-electrical release device may be operated in a workplace with the ambient operating temperatures -10 to 65°C. The active fire-proof sealing must not be exposed to
direct contact with water. The maximum air flow speed is 12 m/s with pure air without mechanical or chemical contamination with uniform flow, without condensation, ice coating and ice. The maximum allowable pressure difference is 1200 Pa. The device is not actuated until the ambient temperature reaches 65°C. In case of need of adjustment for higher temperatures in the working place
it is advisable to consult such demands with the producer and indicate them in the purchase order accordingly. In terms of their construction, the dampers are designed for use with a horizontal or a vertical blade axis.


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