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Smoke damper (hereafter referred to as damper) is a component of SHEVS (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems). The system helps to keep the exits smoke-free, facilitates the job for fire brigades, slows down the spread of fire. This system is created in larger buildings, where the size and shape of the building do not enable natural smoke exhaust when fire occurs. The damper is controlled by a servo-motor which, triggered by an electric impulse from a smoke alarm or remote-controlled by electric fire signalization center, opens or closes the damper blade according to the needs of the SHEVS.




Servo-motor closes or opens the damper within 60 seconds and the damper remains at function at temperature up to 110°C (the damper blade is able to open and close). At temperature up to 600°C, the closed damper keeps its integrity and tightness for 120 minutes according to the classification standard EN 13 501-4.




DKI1-S rectangular damper casing is made of a zinc plated sheet, which is secured by foaming anti-fire sealing. Damper blade is made of calcium-silicate nonasbestos boards. Closed damper is sealed by an active antifire sealing to avoid the flow of burning emissions (hot air and smoke up to 600 °C) and is tight in common conditions (at vacuum Δp = 500 Pa <=> leakage is up to 200 m3/(h • m2)).



DKI1-S-D-230V Smoke damper with servo Belimo BLE230
DKI1-S-D-24V-ST Smoke damper with servo Belimo BLE24-ST with communication and supply unit Belimo BKNE230-24

Details see catalogue TPI52-DKI_EN.pdf in documentation tab.




The smoke dampers can be installed:

  • on the surface of a ventilation duct- EN 1366- 9 in horizontal or vertical direction, in a way that the more narrow part of damper casing (part where the damper blade is embedded) is connected by the flange to the ventilation duct.
  • as a part of ventilation duct- EN 1366-9 both in vertical and horizontal direction.




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