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HELLA is a linear slot diffuser, mainly intended for air supply in comfort ventilation systems for offices, shops, medical rooms, school classrooms etc. The supply air flow pattern/direction can be formed by adjustable deflectors in vents, air flow volume can be tuned by slider adjustment damper. Air extract is also possible with HELLA. Typical installation location for HELLA is suspended ceiling. The diffusers can be installed as individual pieces or in array of multiple segments.

Basic features

  • Modern slim and compact design

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Precise adjustment of air discharge pattern

  • Installation with or without plenum box

  • Plenum box with tightness class C, compliant with EN 1751 standard

  • Slider adjustment damper available

  • Individual diffuser or continuous array of multiple diffusers installable

  • 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-slot arrangement

  • Rectangular corner elements available

Product types

  • HELLA: Linear diffuser

  • HELLA-T: Linear diffuser for T-bar ceiling installation

  • HELLA-CE: 90° corner element


Linear slot diffuser HELLA is manufactured from aluminium profiles. The surface treatment can be anodized aluminium or powder paint. The number of slots can be 1 up to 4. Each individual slot is equipped by longitudinal deflector, which can be adjusted for different air flow patterns in 180° angle between the vertical and two opposed horizontal directions. These deflectors as well as the profiles dividing the slots are dismountable without tools, making so the installation of the diffuser easy. The galvanized steel slider adjustment damper as a part of the diffuser can be attached or detached without tools. The end caps (frame profiles on short sides of the diffuser) are fixed by screws. If the end caps are dismounted, it is possible to install a continuous array of multiple diffusers. Galvanized steel plenum box with circular duct connetion can be delivered as accessory of the diffuser optionally with insulation inside/outside. For installation without plenum box a galvanized steel mounting bridge is available.


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