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BURE is suited for comfort high capacity ventilation of big halls and industrial buildings. Suitable for heating and cooling using the adjustable construction. Installation height is between 4 and 12 m. The air stream pattern (horizontal or vertical) can be adjusted manually (BURE-HC...) or by an autonomous thermal (BURE-TC...) or an electric actuator (BURE-M2 for 2-point/AC 230V actuator and BURE-MC for continuous AC24V actuator with DC 0...10V control signal). The BURE consists of an inlet spigot and an inner and outer cage with openings for supply air in the peripheral surface and the underside. Dependent of the operation method the openings in the peripheral surface (cooling, horizontal air stream) or the underside (heating, vertical air stream) are opened. The control mechanism in HC and MC version adjusts the flow pattern in any selected position on the adjustment scale (at the connection side of the product) between position 1 (fully horizontal) and 5 (fully vertical). The TC and M2 version controls in a section of the range that can be shifted on the adjustment scale towards the horizontal flow pattern (in direction of pos. 1) or towards the vertical flow pattern (direction of pos. 5).

The BURE is made of powder coated steel (RAL 9010) and is available in the duct connection sizes 250, 315, 400, 500 and 630 mm. At underside the double segment blinds allow the free area of more than 50%.

The BURE is mounted directly in a spiro duct by a rubber gasket tight connection.


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