Topvex TR with SoftCooler

Topvex TR SoftCooler_left (rendering)

Topvex SR with SoftCooler (deliveries starts after summer 2013)

Topvex SR SoftCooler_left (rendering)


The best and most efficient way to design Topvex and SoftCooler is to download and install our product selection software SystemairCAD.

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New Topvex with rotary heat recovery

The new Topvex with rotary heat recovery

Topvex is a series of efficient air handling units, which meet the market's high comfort and energy requirements. The popular version Topvex with rotary heat recovery has gone through an extensive FACELIFT.

Improved heat rcovery
Topvex TR/SR FACELIFT is equipped with new rotary heat exchangers. The heat recovery is around 5% higher than the previous version. Now we can promise up to 85% recovery.

New fans

The new version of Topvex TR/SR has also a completely new set of fans. With that comes of course improved performance in terms of efficiency and sound. The fan packages are also better when it comes to easy handling during maintenance.

New tightening
Improved internal and external air tightening increases the unit’s energy efficiency.

Reduced sound

Thanks to the new fans the sound level has been reduced with 5 dB(A) as an average.

State-of-the-art production
Topvex with SoftCooler is made at our manufacturing plant in Skinnskatteberg in Sweden.

Tested at AMCA certified lab
The units are tested for performance and quality at the AMCA accredited Systemair development centre, also in Skinnskatteberg.

Online directory

You will find all the technical information, product calculations and accessories you need in our online directory.

Driven_by_EC Driven by EC technology

All Topvex units are equipped with energy-efficient EC fans that are quiet, flexible and reliable. They also have numerous energy-saving functions.

Green_Vent Green Ventilation

The Green Ventilation symbol identifies intelligent technology in harmony with the environment. It shows that our products are suitable for the future.

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