Innovative products and solutions

Our focus is on developing innovative and energy efficient products – that are easy to select and simple to install and maintain. Systemair’s range has been continuously developed and divides in two product areas, comfort ventilation and safety ventilation.

Comfort ventilation comprises fans, air handling units, products for air distribution, air curtains and heating products.
Safety ventilation comprises fire safety as well as garage and tunnel ventilation.


Fans and accessories


Fans and accessories, one of Systemair’s biggest product ranges, include circular and rectangular duct fans, roof fans, box fans and axial fans. 

The year was dominated by intensive efforts to align our product range with upcoming new laws and regulations in Europe. When the ErP Directive enters into force, our products will be available from stock. We have spent a great amount of time on measuring and testing our products to ensure that they meet the performance that is required by the new regulations. We also produced training programmes and documentation to explain clearly to our customers how customers and users will be affected by these new regulations and laws. In other parts of the product range, time was spent on new variants that meet new market requirements, mostly in control applications, and on updating the product selection software.

Air distribution products


Products for air distribution include supply and exhaust diffusers, iris dampers and grilles. 

The function of these devices is to supply and distribute fresh air to rooms or to extract used air from rooms. In the past year, we launched our intelligent system for variable flow products under the AIAS system. We developed new intelligent solutions making the operation of ventilation systems both simple and demand-led for optimal energy consumption. We also focused on intensive market development and training among customers, users and our sales team. In addition, we supplemented some product families and updated our own product selection software. New functions have been added to make selection of the right product to the right application simpler and more convenient.

Residential Ventilation

The Residential Ventilation product range consists primarily of small units for apartments and single-family homes. 

In this sector, we recently displayed our entire new range of residential units and counter-flow heat exchangers at the ISH exhibition in Germany. The products were very well received by customers and consultants. News of our products was published as reports in the trade press. Our product manager also featured in a tv-broadcast, produced and shown at ISH, highlighting major new items at the fair. The wide range and the technology we incorporate to give that little extra in our products and to our customers is highly appreciated. We also launched our new compact unit with exhaust air heat pump for apartment blocks. The unit is designed for the North European market. It is perfectly adapted to the region’s climate and was received with considerable interest.

Air handling units

ahu_Topvex SR04_06

The Air Handling Units product range includes compact and modular air handling units for use in industry, commerce, schools, hospitals etc. 

At our new development centre for integrated cooling and heat pump solutions for compact units, located in Lithuania, we developed and launched LIVING units for the Nordic residential market during the year. In the first months of 2015, we launched our updated TOPVEX compact unit in the market. New casing designs and new fan motor combinations, accompanied by a comprehensive review of all technical components, have created a major advantage for us, performance- and design-wise. All are directly certified and are delivered ready-to-use from the fact-ory to our customers. In the Modular Unit range, most of our work during the year centred on certification and updating of designs and product choices. Of course, the impact of the EU’s ERP requirements is also felt here, as we have to adapt the fans for certain units that are affected by the requirements. 

Air conditioning


The air conditioning product range spans a wide range of both liquid- and air-cooled air conditioning products, together with heat pumps for comfort and industrial cooling.

In the past year, Systemair massively extended its offering in this area, via our new factory in Tillières, France. We now not only have chillers and heat pumps, but also in-house production of fan coils and cooling cassettes, as well as a number of niche products for cooling and heat pumps.Products for the future, such as air conditioning and air handling units for rooftop solutions and standalone DX air conditioners for heating and cooling (VRF) are now available from Systemair’s own production facilities. Against that background, the year was dominated by work on coordination, training and product overhauls where necessary, in order to derive maximum benefit from synergies.

Swimming pool Ventilation

Featuring innovative solutions for environments including indoor swimming pools and air handling units with extra-high efficiency.

We are working on the Menerga range of high-efficiency units to make them adaptable to other applications. The specific technology based on the products’ unique components has been further developed and we are adapting production accordingly. We launched the new ADCONAIR unit, which is based on the totally unique plastic heat exchanger produced in a new production robot in Menerga’s factory. This design allows the unit to handle major air flows with 90 percent heat recovery. New products in controls have also been added to the product range. In addition, Menerga’s unique heat exchangers, with integrated adiabatic cooling, also offer major potential for energy savings in the cooling process. The products are also highly suitable for data centre cooling.

Air curtains and fan heaters

Air curtains, fan heaters and radiant heaters are marketed under the Frico brand.

The process of launching our new air curtain range continued during the year. The other parts of the range underwent an overall review.Marketing of these products continued, partly via our roadshow with our own exhibition trailer. This has been an effective way of meeting as many customers on their home territory, and of displaying as many new and updated products, as possible.Based on a smaller number of products, we now offer the market a broader range and wider choice. Customers are able to choose between simple regulation using a remote control and advanced regulation for optimal energy savings and climate conservation.

Fire safety

The Fire Safety products range comprises products that have been tested and certified to withstand high temperatures for a long period.
Fire gas fans are used to extract fire gases and smoke from buildings in the event of fire. We continue to focus on standardisations and product development, which is important in this type of ventilation. In fire dampers, we launched Generation 2 during the year, consisting of all-new dampers based on new electro-technical and mechanical systems. The new series was very well received in all markets and is already being used in many projects.

Garage Ventilation 


In Garage Ventilation, we offer the market comprehensive system solutions for multi-storey car parks. 

In this sector, we launched new software solutions for reliable and reality-based simulation of applications of the products. The new series of low-height garage fans, launched during the year, was also well received and is already appearing in many installations in Europe. The growing interest arises from increased awareness of the fan's vital characteristics in any emergency situation. Our garage ventilation systems, in the form of our fans and solutions, was highly successful.

Tunnel Ventilation

Tunnel Ventilation consists of fans and systems for ventilation of all types of tunnels for roads, rail and metro systems.
The tunnel ventilation sector is extremely buoyant. In every market, growing demand is evident particularly in infrastructure projects. Major road tunnels and metro systems accounts for much of the increase. Systemair’s new research and development centre in Germany now plays a key role in advancing our positions and demonstrating, via many customer-viewed tests, our expertise in the applications used.