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EC Technology

Systemair has the world's widest assortment of ventilators driven by EC technology.

Our intelligent yet easy-to-install EC fan solutions are perfect for new buildings as well as renovation projects. More

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Topvex, FR800EL-208-3-CAV
Topvex FR is a range of energy recovery ventilators with a low overall height and double rotating heat exchangers. The units are especially designed for maximum energy transfer at the lowest operating costs.
Art nr: 42470
Topvex, TR800-208-3-CAV
Topvex TR is a range of air handling units capable of providing all the heating/cooling and ventilation for the building. Common applications include offices, shops, banks, day cares and similar facilities.
Art nr: 42677
ERV RT-EC Rooftop units are exclusively engineered to meet today's latest energy requirements by using the most efficient impeller design and a state of the art rotating heat exchanger.
Art nr: 40510


K 150M EC
K..EC fans are notable for their economical use of energy and excellent ease of control
Art nr: 47546
MUB16-120-1 Multibox fan
MUB fans can be controlled through the built-in potentiometr in the fan's electrical box or through an external speed control unit.
Art nr: 40596
DVC-S 10-230-1 Roof fan
The DVC-P versions have integrated pressure sensors and the electronics are programmed for a constant pressure operation.
Art nr: 47431

Rep Locator

Contact our representatives for energy-efficient ventilation products for your next project.

Engineered Excellence for Greener Classrooms

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10048 Industrial Blvd, Lenexa, KS, 66215, United States   |   Tel. +1 519 550 3307

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