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RVK 160E2-A1 1ph/230V

Art no: 5759

  • Speed-controllable
  • Integral thermal contacts acc. EN 60335-2-80
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Inclusive mounting bracket
  • Maintenance-free and reliable


The RVK series is designed for installation in ducts. The casing is manufactured from PP fibreglass reinforced plastic which gives the fan a less leckage casing. Duct connected wet room applications of the fan are possible due to the air tight casing and the IP 44 rated terminal box. We recommend a period of continued ventilation with dry air for wet room applications.The fans have backward-curved blades and external rotor motors. The FK mounting clamp facilitates easy installation and removal, and prevents the transfer of vibration to the duct. The fans can be speed-controlled via a stepless thyristor or a 5-step transformer. To protect the motor from overheating the models have integrated thermal contacts with manual reset.

    311605 EFD 160 Jalousiekl.
    311628 EFD 160 Motorklappe mit TF24
    5458 VBC 160-2 Water heating batt
    5291 CB 160-1,2 230V/1 Duct heater
    5292 CB 160-2,1 230V/1 Duct heater
    9840 VBC 160-3 Water heating batt
    5583 IGC-160 Intake grid
    5601 RSK-160 Back draft damper
    5605 VK-15 Louvre shutter
    5608 SG 160 Protection guard
    5382 CB 160-2,7 230V/1 Duct heater
    5383 CB 160-5,0 400V/2 Duct heater
    5192 LDC 160-600 Silencer
    5193 LDC 160-900 Silencer
    5482 CBM 160-2,1 230V/1 Duct heater
    3876 CBMT/P 160-15 1Ø HEATER KIT
    3877 CBMT/P 160-27 1Ø HEATER KIT
    307577 FGR-S 160
    307526 FFR/S 160
    30022 CWK 160-3-2,5 Duct cooler,circ
    1731 VBF 160 Water heating battery
    1770 FFR 160 Filter cassette
    1632 IGK-160 Wall Grid
    1610 FK 160 Fast clamp
    1809 FGR 160 Filter cassette G3
    1625 VKK-160 Back draft damper
    312142 MRZ 160 CH Runde Verschlusskl.
    68501 2302/00 EF Transformator
    68510 RE 0.5 UP Traforegler
    68511 RE 0.5 AP Traforegler
    33978 REV-3POL/03 ON/OFF
    9139 PT-108 6-30gr Romterm. mek.
    5314 REE 1 Speed control
    5004 REU 1.5 Speed control
    5000 RE 1,5 Speed control
    17315 Opptrekksur 0-6 timer vekselk.
    84251 STL 1.5 Speed controller

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    Systemair AB, Industrivägen 3, SE-739 30 Skinnskatteberg
    Tel +46 222 440 00 Fax +46 222 440 99,

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