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AXC 1250

Art no: C1250AXC

Axial fan Series AXC, suitable for operating temperatures of up to 55°C

  • Air direction Form A (from motor to impeller), direct driven 
  • Aerofoil impeller with adjustable pitch angle for maximum efficiency
  • aluminium hub and blades, Impeller balanced statically and dynamically in accordance with DIN ISO 1940-1, quality grade G6,3
  • Long casing, hot dip galvanized steel, to DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Spun flanges according Eurovent 1/2
  • VDE certified terminal box in IP65 mounted at the outside of the fan casing for easy wiring
  • three-phase motors IE2 efficiency or IE3 efficiency , IP55, insulation class F, in accordance with EN 60034-5/IEC 85


The Systemair AXC range of long cased medium pressure axial fans is available in sizes from 315 up to 2.000 mm nominal diameter. The adjustable pitch angle setting offers a wide performance and maximum flexibility to match precisely individual airflow requirements. The AXC axial fans have been performance tested in accordance with DIN ISO 5801, DIN 24163 and AMCA 210-99 on the Systemair fan test rig. The motors are equipped with PTC thermistors for optimum motor protection. The motor is speed controllable by frequency converter.


    8327 LRK 1250(F) air oper. damper
    11379 FSAF1250B1DA Silencer 1320/20
    11381 FSAF1250B2DA Silencer 1320/20
    11383 FSAF1250C1DA Silencer 1320/20
    89401 FSAFAV MP1 33 Green each
    311384 RSA 1250/1250/100 (F)
    311385 RSA 1250/1875/100 (F)
    308605 ZSD7 AXC spring d. set ≤1000kg
    311295 MFA-AXC/AM 1250 mounting foot
    310697 SG AXC/AM 1250 guard grill
    308603 ZSD5 AXC spring d. set ≤400kg
    308604 ZSD6 AXC spring d. set ≤540kg
    31513 FSD6 AXC spring d. set ≤540kg
    306758 MP AXC 1250 l=850 m.bracket
    306761 MP AXC 1250 l=1050 m. bracket
    30568 FSD7 AXC spring d. set ≤1000kg
    30548 FSD5 AXC spring d. set ≤400kg
    305267 ESD-F 1250 inlet cone AXC
    311386 RSA 1250/2500/100 (F)
    8387 GFL-AXC 1250 counter flange
    8363 EV-AXC 1250 flex.conn. 70°C
    311235 ABS 1250 AXC outlet cowl
    9257 APK 1250A Anc Pack PCD1320/20
    11384 FSAF1250C2DA Silencer 1320/20
    11394 FSAF1250FC Flx con ea 90°C
    86162 FSAF1250MFB Flange ea 1311/24
    86282 FSAF1250FTA Mtg ft ea 1320/20
    34261 vibration monitoring set A1
    34262 vibration monitoring set A2
    34263 vibration monitoring set A3
    34264 vibration monitoring set B4
    36168 FC102-22,0kW/44A-IP55, 150/50m
    36158 FC102-1,1kW/3A-IP55, 150/50m
    36159 FC102-1,5kW/4,1A-IP55, 150/50m
    36160 FC102-2,2kW/5,6A-IP55, 150/50m
    36161 FC102-3,0kW/7,2A-IP55, 150/50m
    36162 FC102-4,0kW/10A-IP55, 150/50m
    36163 FC102-5,5kW/13A-IP55, 150/50m
    36164 FC102-7,5kW/16A-IP55, 150/50m
    36165 FC102-11,0kW/24A-IP55, 150/50m
    36166 FC102-15,0kW/32A-IP55, 150/50m
    36167 FC102-18,5kW/37,5A-IP55,150/50
    36169 FC102-30,0kW/61A-IP55, 150/50m
    36170 FC102-37,0kW/73A-IP55, 150/50m
    36171 FC102-45,0kW/90A-IP55, 150/50m
    36172 FC102-55,0kW/106A-IP55,150/50m
    36173 FC102-75,0kW/147A-IP55,150/50m
    36174 FC102-90,0kW/177A-IP55,150/50m

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