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Montabaur Castle, Montabaur, Germany

For more than 1,000 years Montabaur Castle has risen above the city Montabaur in the West of Germany. Today Montabaur Castle is used as a four star-hotel with an exceptional atmosphere.

It combines history, outstanding interior design and modern technology to create the ideal setting for conferences and events. The new event centre under the glass dome, opened beginning of 2011, offers suitable facilities in first class architecture.

Since 2009 the whole building is certified as “Partner of the European Green Building Program” a program of the European Commission to promote energy efficiency in non-residential buildings. 

Systemair delivered the heart of the ventilation system, the air handling units, for the new event centre.

Systemair products:
2 x DV 30 with heat recovery
1 x DV 15 supply air unit
1 x KF 035 heat recovery unit
1 x MUB-T
1 x DVS

Challenges and features:

  • In the glass dome high architectural demands had to be combined with technical functionality. So the duct of the supply air was placed in the circumferential balustrade bearing also the light dome construction out of steel and glass. Thereby a generous and consistent air distribution could be achieved. Also for the duct of the exhaust air the architect asked for an aesthetic solution. About 20 drafts were necessary before he was satisfied. Now an approximately five meter high, slim “tower” rises at the middle of the long side of the glass dome. By this “tower” an air volume up to 10,000 m³ per hour can be sucked off.
  • To meet the requirements of the “GreenBuilding Programme” the consultant realised a combination of a climate-controlled floor with an especially coordinated air handling system. The cores of the combination are two air handling units “DV30” which are certified with the Green Ventilation label of Systemair. As a result the energy consumption could be reduced by 20 percent.
  • Sensors all over the event centre regulate the air volume, the air temperature as well as the air humidity. But to ensure the comfort of the users it was also required to regulate the temperature and the fresh air supply individually. Therefore all heating circuits are linked to the media technology. So the users are able to adjust all components individually for their needs.
  • Due to the circumstances in the historical castle the room for the technology was tiny. Therefore it was also a challenge to store all ventilation technology in this small room. Thanks to the integrated rotating heat exchanger of the Systemair DV units with the size of 350 mm the system is very compact.

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