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Innovative products and solutions

Our focus is on developing innovative and energy efficient products – that are easy to select and simple to install and maintain. Systemair’s range has been continuously developed and divides in two product areas, comfort ventilation and safety ventilation.

Comfort ventilation comprises fans, air handling units, products for air distribution, air curtains and heating products.
Safety ventilation comprises fire safety as well as garage and tunnel ventilation.


Fans and accessories


The fans and accessories product area is Systemair’s largest product area and includes circular and rectangular duct fans, ceiling fans and box fans as well as axial fans.

Air distribution products

This product area includes supply and exhaust diffusers, iris dampers and grilles. The purpose of these devices is to supply and distribute fresh air to a room or to extract used air.

Air handling units

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The air handling units product area is comprehensive – from small units for flats and small houses, up to large, container-sized units for industry and commerce.



The cooling product includes a wide range of both fluid and air cooled products and heat pumps for comfort cooling.

Systemair AC produce chillers for comfort cooling. The product range includes chillers between 20-1700 kW and gives us one of the widest range of chillers.

Air curtains and fan heaters

The air curtains and fan heaters product area is marketed under the Frico brand. Duct heaters and humidifiers are sold under the VEAB brand.

Fire safety

The fire safety product area includes products that have been tested and certified to withstand high temperatures for a long period.

Garage Ventilation 


Garage Ventilation offers comprehensive system solutions for multi-storey car parks.

Tunnel Ventilation

Tunnel Ventilation includes fans and systems for ventilating all types of tunnels, for roads, railways and metro systems.

Systemair AB, Industrivägen 3, SE-739 30 Skinnskatteberg
Tel +46 222 440 00 Fax +46 222 440 99,

© 2012 Systemair AB
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