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Core values and vision

Business concept

Our mission is to develop, manufacture and market high-quality ventilation products. With our customers in focus, we aim to be the most reliable company for quality, availability and delivery reliability.We aim to also keep customer relationships with Systemair simple. 

Core values

Systemair’s core values of quality, availability and reliability of delivery focus on the customer.

To us, quality means offering reliable products. In addition, quality must permeate through to every part of the business, from product development and manufacture to logistics and customer support. Our aim is to be the first choice for our customers, and we have therefore developed a broad, well-balanced product portfolio of standardised quality products. 

To ensure availability, we have chosen to produce a substantial proportion of our product range for stock. Instead of starting to produce when we receive an order, we can deliver right away from a local or central warehouse. The strategy of producing for stock, rather than in response to customer orders, also translates into higher productivity and secure control over the entire flow of goods.

Delivery reliability
Delivery reliability means the ability to deliver, without delay, the products and solutions that the customer needs. The standard range is delivered directly from stock. Ventilation systems are installed late in the construction process, and the installation contractor often needs the products at short notice. Against that background, we have built up an efficient production and logistics organisation in which the local and central warehouses are integrated with each other via a shared ERP system. We also place great emphasis on punctual deliveries when producing directly to order.

Systemair AB, Industrivägen 3, SE-739 30 Skinnskatteberg
Tel +46 222 440 00 Fax +46 222 440 99,

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