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The Group’s products are mailnly sold under the brand names Systemair, Frico, Fantech and VEAB.

The brand Systemair represents a standardized range of ventilation products, primarily developed in-house, including fans, air diffusers and ventilation systems, with the emphasis on simplifying the task of ventilation fitters.
In these fields, Comfort ventilation with low energy consumption and Safety ventilation, Systemair has staked out a position as a leading producer of energy-efficient products.

Frico – the Group's brand for air curtains and heating products

Frico is the market leader in air curtains and heating products in Europe. More than 75 years' experience developing climate-smart products for a comfortable indoor environment has given Frico a strong position.


Fantech – for the North American market

Fantech develops designs and markets solutions for residential and commercial properites in North America. Products are sold to resellers in the United States and Canada by the company's own salespeople and agents.


VEAB – Europe's leading manufacturer of electric duct heaters

Veab Heat Tech AB, specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of heating products for ventilation systems, movable and stationary fan heaters and dehumidification systems.


Holland Heating is a leading manufacturer of air handling units in the Netherlands. Its products are marketed primarily in the Netherlands, but also in neighbouring European countries. Holland Heating was established back in 1955. The company supplies systems to, for example, hospitals, sports arenas, airports and offshore platforms. Its product range also includes specially designed equipment for large cruise liners.


Menerga is a leading European producer of air handling units for swimming pool halls and comfort ventilation with extra high efficiency. Menerga, established in 1980, markets its products throughout Europe. The company’s biggest market is Germany. Its state-of-the-art, high-quality products are used, for example, in swimming pool halls, museums, shopping centres, airports and the process industry.  menerga

Systemair AB, Industrivägen 3, SE-739 30 Skinnskatteberg
Tel +46 222 440 00 Fax +46 222 440 99,

© 2012 Systemair AB
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